PhDirect helps you offer your customers a wide range of exciting and award winning alcoholic beverages from around the world. With tasty and intriguing craft beers and ciders, wines from the New and Old world, and quality liqueurs and spirits for every occasion, PhDirect is the ideal partner to ensure your alcohol offerings are always exciting and always driving sales.

We can also help with providing marketing collateral and promotional materials, working with you to ensure that our support is tailored towards your specific needs.

PhDirect is the ideal partner to ensure your alcohol offerings are always exciting and always driving sales.

PhDirect works directly some of the finest breweries, distilleries and wineries around the world to bring you the most exciting products at the best prices. We can also provide a fully bespoke customisation and private label service.

Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and makes a range of contemporary and traditional beers, including their famous Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. They also produce a range of traditional American bourbon whiskeys including Town Branch Bourbon.



Coomara is an Irish distillers, making the most traditional of Irish spirits, poitin, a near mythical drink which was made illegal for centuries, but is now being recreated authentically, and enjoyed around the world.


Kaimira Estates is an award winning winery in Nelson, New Zealand producing a range of highly drinkable organic wines suitable for all occasions.


Bodega Vinecol is an award winning winery in the famous wine growing region of Mendoza, Argentina, producing organic wines.

Bodega Vinecol

Cumberland Brewery in Ireland produce a range of traditional beers and lagers, including Finn Lager.


West Cork Distillers in Ireland make a range of traditional Irish malt and blended whiskeys, as well as gin, vodka and poitin. They offer a fully customisable private label service.

West Cork


Coole Swan  the world’s most delicious tasting cream liqueur. The finest Single Malt Irish Whiskey, sourced from one of Ireland’s oldest distilleries, is selected and blended with Real White Belgian Chocolate and Fresh, Natural Dairy Cream to create Coole Swan – love at first Taste…

coole swan